Photo Session Options

Right now I am no longer doing portrait sessions.  I've decided to focus on landscape photography.

Pet Portraits $100 (1 hour)

  • one hour photo session for one pet (additional subjects extra)
  • For cats recommended location is in a sunny room in your home
  • For dogs location can be your yard, a local park or other local area of your choice
  • at least 25 finished products to choose from
  • private gallery online to view photos and order prints or digital files (for 6 months)
  • all prints and digitals sold separately

Senior Portrait Session  $125  (1 hour)

  • one hour photo session for one person (additional subjects extra)
  • up to 2 outdoor location of your choice in the Ashburnham Area time permitting
  • up to four outfit choices if time permits
  • at least 35 finished proofs to choice from
  • private gallery online to view photos and order prints or digital files (for 6 months)
  • all prints and digital files sold separately
  • feel free to bring props - sporting equipment, instrument or anything else to show off your personality
  • feel free to bring a friend or two to help you relax or cheer you on and to be in a few pictures at the end
  • hats, scarfs, layers, sports uniforms etc. all welcomed to add variety

Other Photos

Landscape photography is my real passion.  If there is a local area that you would like a photo of please let me know.  This could be your home or a local landmark or just a pretty view or tree or scene you love.

Additional Information

Prices include the photographers time and skill, all editing and standard retouching on finished proofs and uploading of photos to private online gallery.  No prints or products are included. 

Additional retouching of photos is available for additional charge.

Location is for up to 20 minutes from downtown Ashburnham.  I will travel to other areas for an additional charge.  Please contact me for more information and charges.

Editing Time - Please allow 2 to 3 weeks after photographs are taken before photographs will be available for viewing online.

It is requested that you place your order within one month.

Preparation Tips

If you wear glasses you may want to check with your optician to see if you can borrow a similar pair of frames without the lenses or if they can remove your lenses from your frames just for the photo session.  The lenses can cause reflections and distortion.  While I'll try to avoid it, sometimes it can not be helped and it's almost impossible to photoshop out.  

Try to avoid very busy clothing and avoid clothing that will date you. Clothing with writing on it or giant slogans or logos may not be the best choice.  You should be the focus of the photograph, not your clothing.  Though do pick styles that express who you are. 

Long pants and skirts and long sleeved shirts are good choices.  Bare legs and arms tend to draw focus away from the face.  If you do want short sleeves or shorts by all means wear them but maybe also choose a pair of long pants or long sleeves too.

Dark, solid colors are slimming.  V necks tend to make your neck look longer while turtlenecks shorten it.  Be careful with button up blouses and shirts that they don't bunch up and open a bit between buttons when you sit. 

Try to avoid flesh colored or neutral tone clothing (beige, gray, peach etc.) as they can make you look washed out.

It's best not to get a new haircut (or try a new style) right before your session.  A week or two beforehand is best. 

Make sure your fingernails are neat as they may show in some pictures and it's recommended to avoid bold colored nail polish.

Brush your teeth before you come.  They are a focal point in close ups.  :) 

Bring easy to change into outfits since there probably won't be a changing area out at the session and you may need to use a car or something.  Remember to bring shoes and accessories for each outfit.  

Try to keep jewelry and accessories simple but definitely choose some to help show who you are.  A funky hat or pretty scarf is a great addition for some photos.

You may want to bring a brush, makeup, cloth etc. for touch ups if it's hot or windy etc. 

Avoid glitter or sparkly anything (eye shadow, blush, powder) as it tends to reflect light and leave white spots.

Moisturize lips but avoid lip gloss because it can reflect light too.

Sun block and some lotions can leave shiny spots on your face as can sweat on warm days.  Translucent powder can help. There are shine control blotting sheets that you can buy that work well and won't disturb make up.

Be careful of the sun in the days before your shoot.  Sun burns don't photograph well and are hard to fix and watch out for tan lines.  

Most importantly please let me know what kind of images you are seeing in your head and what you hope to see afterward.  Everyone is different in what they like.  Some prefer more basic, straight on shots and others prefer something more artistic.  Some people prefer some funky angles or some post processing and others want clean, simple styling.  I can help gear your session towards your preferences IF I know about them ahead of time.  While I will have ideas I love hearing some of yours too if you have them and trying to make them work.  These are YOUR photos!  :)

Basic Print Prices (prices subject to change)

4 Wallets - $7.50

5x7 - $8.50

8x10 - $12.00

9x12 - $15.00

10x13 - $18.00

11x14 - $20.00

12x18 - $28.00

Other sizes also available as well as a variety of other products.

Cards are available and it's a great idea for graduation invites, thank you notes, holiday cards or just simple thinking of you cards!

New this year are accordion mini books.  Great for mom or dad or student to carry around to show off a variety of poses.

And now we also have full size books!  It's a fabulous way to get a lot of the photos for a keepsake and to easily show others.